"Moments like these"

There is no better feeling than aiding in the joy of someone else. Genuine Apparel along with 1154 Studios, Castleberry Travels, Orange Delight Travels, Drug Free World, and Minnesota Timberwolves sponsored a book bag drive for H.E. Holmes Elementary School. The book bag drive put on by Genuine Academy, with over 1,000 book bags and supplies, took place on August 2nd at the elementary school's open house. Genuine Academy mentors worked overtime to make this event special. They took their time filling each book bag with pencils, color pencils, folders, notebooks, and paper. The items collected were able to supply each H.E. Holmes student at the open house with school supplies to help start their year on a positive note.

Our CEO, Antonieus Davis, made it his mission to connect and greet every student and parent he could. "I want to build relationships, rather than just saying here here's your book bag." Davis enjoys being a helping hand and giving back to the kids of the community. Moments like these are what Genuine Apparel lives for. Seeing the genuine happiness fill each kids face as they were able to select their backpack, made the night that much more special.

We will steadily give back to our community because it's what we pride ourselves in. Continue to follow us on our journey in being a motivational brand for motivated people.

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