“First of Many”

Since rebranding, Genuine Apparel has decided to keep doing and creating new things. Which is why last Saturday, on July 21st, we participated in our very first fashion show. This wasn’t just any fashion show, it was a fashion show with a twist. The Atlanta Renaissance Fashion show and Carnival, put on by the agency Models and Business Atlanta, was definitely a great start to the many shows we will continue to be apart of in the future. The venue was eccentric and the carnival theme was prominent through the designs and overall look of the show. We were one of 8 designers showcased, at Studio Space Atl, by an amazing group of models. This show not only gave our brand the opportunity to gain exposure but also helped us to connect with like - minded, creative people and brands.

From the Models and Business Ceo, Kirstie Crumbley all the way down to the viewers, the fashion show participants helped make our first show an experience of a lifetime. The Models and Business Agency is known for the phrase “Confidence is key” and confidence was definitely radiating from every ,model, designer, and fashion show coordinator last Saturday. Here at Genuine Apparel we pride ourselves in surrounding ourselves with motivated people. Witnessing the excellence that filled the event was the reassurance we needed to continue to motivate and connect with the community.

The night ended with pictures, laughs, and closing remarks from CEO Kirstie Crumbley giving her thanks to everyone who had a helping hand in making the show a huge success. We look forward to participating in many more fashion shows in the future, and can’t wait to see what larger than life event Genuine Apparel is apart of next.

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