A Good Time to Rebrand

Just in time for the re-branding of Genuine Apparel, we've wasted no time and released yet another t-shirt design. Our "Don’t Waste Time" tee instills the importance of valuing time and taking full advantage of your life, not just by counting down the hours but by fulfilling your purpose. While most people base time off of where they are in the day, here at Genuine Apparel we believe time is your most valuable commonalty. To be genuine is to be true to yourself, what is it you want and need out of your life? If you’re not working towards your goals or if you’re living just to work, essentially, you’re just wasting your time.

The amount of support we have received for the brand has helped us to not only grow but give back, which is why, on July 7th, we will be extending our appreciation to our loyal customers by giving out free wristbands. Help us to not only celebrate you but our CEO Antonieus’ birthday and all the dedication he has poured into our brand. Come party with us, check out our apparel, meet the face behind the brand, and possibly be featured on our Instagram! We have been working behind the scenes with photo shoots, video shoots, and creative marketing meetings to produce new content for social media and our Genuine YouTube channel. We appreciate the support we have received thus far and look forward to continuing our journey to be a motivational brand for motivated people.

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