"Equality Has No Color"

Inspired by Black History Month, we've released our latest design. With the "Black by Popular Demand" tee our incredible design team has managed to pay homage to the past while adding some style and flare from the present. The six prominent figures that will be depicted on the shirt are Barack Obama, Martin Luther King Jr., Muhammad Ali, Nelson Mandela, Oprah Winfrey and Richard Prior.

By incorporating six influential icons into the design we’ve managed to assemble a tremendous cast from multiple industries. For as different as they are, each individual made a ground breaking impact in their profession and African American history. When asked what inspired this particular design, Davis said, "With the ever changing culture of America, it’s important not to forget our past". This design has definitely captured the essence of that concept in every aspect.

The best part about this initiative is a percentage of each shirt will go to Genuine Academy Inc, our newly formed non profit. The funds will go towards finding a facility that will adequately allow us to foster a environment of higher learning. The facility will be used to teach students character development, financial literacy, cultural diversity, principals of communication, and career prep. In the immediate future, we will be working with several Atlanta area schools to help them understand the benefits of a more creative curriculum. The plan is to use accountability as a means of developing future leaders, and by doing so we can rebuild our community from within.

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